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Moselle-Wine. Hard to say who or what´s better: the wine or the charming girls presenting it...

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Well, maybe you´ve seen „Gladiator“ Russel Crowe fight the barbarian tribes of Germans in the woods near the Danube River. Believe it or not: we´ve changed, exspecially along the beautiful Moselle-River, one of Europes oldest cultural landscapes. Thanks also to the Romans by the way, who introduced wine-growing to this beautiful valley you´re about to visit.

You won´t meet Russel, but we promise lots of traces of the Romans, the Kelts, the Middle Ages and many more. We will put you on the right tracks to all of this, to the oldest german city Trier as well, to the wine-growers, to nearby castles and entertaining events throughout the year.  So don´t hesitate to contact us.